About Us


Bay Area Doves is the premier white dove release company in the South Bay Area, Ca.  Since 2004, we have provided a unique service of releasing beautiful, pure white doves at weddings, funerals and other events in the Bay Area, California.

We have a long and prestigious list of venues where we have performed our dove release services, including many local churches, wineries, hotels, resorts and at many reoccurring events throughout the entire Bay Area.

Our Story

We are a family owned and operated company. Every member of our family plays an important part in making Bay Area Doves the most recommended white dove release company in the area. Even down to our three young daughters who feed and help train our white doves on a daily basis.

We enjoy what we do and you can be assured this is reflected in the white dove release services we offer.

Our Staff

Our Staff is an extension of our immediate family. Each of our Release Coordinators take great pride and ownership in every dove release they do. Because of this, you can be assured your dove release will be performed in a knowledgeable and professional manner. Our Release Coordinators will arrive at your location early to ensure the release is setup correctly and coordinated to your liking for a stunning and dramatic display. We take extra precautions when setting up to ensure the safety of the birds and the surrounding people.

The Doves

Our doves are the heart of our company. We take great pride in the care and training we provide our birds on a daily basis. Constant attention is given to our birds’ nutrition, health and training. You can be assured only clean, pure white homing “doves” will be released at your event.

We feel it’s important for you to know our “doves” are actually a purebred strain of pure white homing pigeons. Our homing “doves” are specially trained to fly home after each release. The smaller “Ringneck” doves, like you can find in pet shops, would quickly parish if they were released. All reputable white dove release companies will only release white homing pigeons and would never release actual domesticated doves. It is in your best interest to only chose a company who releases white homing “doves” as they have been trained to perform in a much more spectacular way…along with being ethical.

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