Doves for Other Events


A white dove release will bring hope, excitement and remembrance to any outdoor event. Use our white doves to kick-off your big event or to bring your event to a close, or anytime in between. The options are endless.

Visit our Wedding Dove Release or Funeral Dove Release pages if you’re looking for white doves for weddings or funerals.

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What’s Included with a White Dove Release?

The white doves will be delivered to the event location by one of our dedicated Release Coordinators. The doves can be released from the included baskets and/or by hand, our Release Coordinator will assist you in this process. Depending on the event type, we may be able to provide a poem or saying that can be read by you or someone at the event before the white doves are released or writing your own poem can add a very personal touch to your event. Our Release Coordinator will stay onsite until the dove release is complete to retrieve the empty baskets.


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