Wedding Dove Releases


The releasing of two white wedding doves by the bride and groom symbolize the newlywed couple embarking together on a life long journey. White Doves have also represented peace, love and new beginnings for centuries. Releasing additional white doves represent the support from family and friends as they send the newlywed couple on their new journey.

Traditionally, the bride and groom each release a single white dove in unison just after the first kiss (during an outdoor ceremony) or when exiting the ceremony (during an indoor ceremony). The additional doves are released just after the bride and groom release their pair of doves.

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What’s Included with a Wedding Dove Release?

The white doves will be delivered to the wedding ceremony location by one of our dedicated Release Coordinators. The doves can be released from the included baskets or by hand, our Release Coordinator will assist you in this process. Upon request, we can provide a poem or saying that can be read by a friend, family member or officiant before the white doves are released. Our Release Coordinator will stay onsite until the dove release is complete to retrieve the empty baskets.


2 Doves
2 Dove Release
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4 Doves
4 Dove Release
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8 Doves
8 Dove Release
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